Angular & Node Development Services

Inceptive has a dedicated team of full stack developers, who are proficient in the MEAN stack which includes Angular 2, Typescript, Node, Redis,, REST and other technologies which are needed to build a full scale web or mobile app using a reliable and time tested framework.

With Angular and Node around a bit, we have leveraged these frameworks in multiple apps, be it mobile or the web to harness the power of a scalable and easy to deploy MVM and MVC architectures.

Some of the apps that have been built using these frameworks include building real time chat bots, marketplaces, web UI & backend API’s.

Why use Angular?

  • Testing friendly – Google designed it from the grounds up to be testing friendly. The code is clearly separated for the Model and View, with automatic synchronization possibilities between the Model and Views.
  • UI Performance – UI performance is significantly faster as the views are directly generated from the DOM instead of HTML generated and passed to the browser.
  • Topnotch dev support – The developer community has embraced Angular like never before and a plethora of free and paid plugins are available that makes rapid application development possible.

And why use Node?

  • Enables building real time applications such as chat, blazing fast
  • Front and back ends can be built quickly using Angular and Node
  • Popular choice for microservices, used extensively by enterprises
  • Performance and scalability of a single thread event driven architecture makes it a first choice for mission critical apps

Hire Angular and Node developers today!

If you are looking to hire a top-notch engineer for your Angular or Node requirements, reach out to us.

We do daily calls via Skype with demos done via screenshare. We also use Visual Studio Dev Ops to manage our projects using their Kanban boards. Our managers speak English fluently and if they are not able to understand anything, they will not hesitate to ask and clarify. We have a culture of speaking up and not been just a order-taker.

This is one of the most asked questions, rightly so! Quality historically has always been considered as an afterthought and many of our clients have burnt their fingers with quality resulting in lost sales and goodwill. We understand this. Our culture imbibes that we need to think “Quality First” whenever we deliver anything. The focus is on making sure that we have pixel perfection in the front-ends and our backend code is functionally tested thoroughly. We do this by shifting the traditional monkey from the QA to the developer and expect the developers to be absolutely thorough in their testing and not rely on QA finding the bugs. The QA have been made aware that they are the last barrier between us and client so they check everything from client’s point of view and make sure everything is working. We also go to the very basics of why we are building a software and have successfully brought a change in mindset of our teams.

Whenever we get any requirements, we make sure we write stories(as we follow Scrum) and get the stories signed off from our client, to make sure we are on the same page. The stories are the requirements written in non-complex words and simple English to walk through the requirement as is required to be implemented.

At Inceptive we hire the very best..yeah the yada yada that you read on every site which claims that they hire the very best ????. Well we do all of that, but we have a secret sauce that we are finally bringing out in the public. We also look for the “right attitude”. The founders have 50+ years of total experience between them and they have seen 1000+ developers in their career. The few developers that had always bubbled up to the top were the folks with the right attitude. The attitude of positivity, the attitude of can-do, the attitude of bring-it-on and most importantly the attitude of a thirst of learning. We look for these traits in our developers and hire only the developers who fit the bill here. This made a world of difference as the right attitude can conquer any problems…and that’s our differentiator!