Apple Watch Development

Apple Watch Development – the trendsetter. Let’s start with some numbers as reported by Business Insider in Jan, 15.

  • Wearable market will grow at a compound annual rate of 35% over the next 5 years.
  • 33 million units expected to be shipped in 2015
  • 148 million units expected to be shipped by 2019
  • Apple Watch poised to sell 15 million units in 2015.

That’s almost 50% of what the smartwatch market for 2015! When the App Store opened the doors 6 years back, the initial wave of smart phone apps made overnight billionaires out of developers. With the next BIG innovation leap after the iPhone & iPad, Apple’s next true offering for Apple fanboys is the Apple Watch.

A lot of buzz is also created with the release of HealthKit which will help monitor your lifestyle and provide recommendations to your life style based on specific and precise data pulled out of the smartwatch(read heart rate!).

The smartwatch has some excellent solutions with home automation, payments, automation, retail – can touch limitless possibilities!

With the expectations so high, watch owners are going to be curious to make or break the next big app on the wrist. In case you have not already started thinking about your watch app. The market is still young and there is a lot to go with the second generation Apple Watch to ship and the Apple WatchKit’s expected evolution over the next year.

Talk to us on the roadmap to build a companion Apple Watch app to your existing app or for your standalone app idea for the Apple Watch.