Commander App


One of the largest disaster recovery company in the US approached us to enable their business for mobile with the goal of reducing paperwork, time and efforts to manage their operations during disaster recovery. Their current system used to work all offline with massive amounts of paperwork involved for daily operations.


Keeping the business objectives in mind, we worked out a roadmap of the priority operations which can be moved to a paperless environment such as daily clock in-out, raising expenses, etc. Their current web system was mapped to identify gaps and was re-architected accordingly.

We built an iOS and Android app using the Ionic framework which connected to a standalone database. For offline synchronization we used the Pouch-Couch architecture. The Couch DB used to then sync the required tables with the main server.

What we did

  • Wireframes and architecture
  • App development using Ionic and NodeJS
  • Backend services for synchronization
  • Setting up Pouch-Couch architecture
  • Realtime communication between Admin and app users

The app is scheduled to be massively deployed on field for the next disaster recovery season of the company and is expected to improve significant turnaround time and time/cost savings in management of paperwork.