Hybrid Apps | Cordova, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin

A Hybrid App is written with the same technology used for websites and mobile web implementations and it runs inside a native container on a mobile device. In other words, it is the marriage of web technology and native execution.

Hybrid App are installed, launched and used like any native app, and can access device APIs (with some exceptions/hurdles) – but it’s written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, wrapped up in frameworks of choice(RN, Ionic, Flutter, Xamarin, etc). It will be highly difficult to differentiate between apps written natively in Swift or Java vs one’s written with any of the hybrid platforms, unless the apps are targeted for core functions of a mobile operating system. Hybrid apps are a preferred option for those who want to target both iOS and Android, with a limited budget.

Hybrid apps have grown exponentially with the backing of Facebook and Google for building apps in React Native and Flutter and are now considered mainstream with a lot of major apps using these technologies in their app. A large part of the Facebook app is now written in React Native.

We have worked extensively from the time of Ionic 1, which originally started the trend and have built deep expertise in Cordova, Xamarin, Ionic, React Native & now on Flutter. If you are planning an app with a limited budget, Hybrid apps are a route which you should strongly consider.