Project Description

The app was a need of a consortium of doctor, specializing in treating Cancer. The doctors were flooded with questions about symptoms displayed by patients, post Chemotherapy. This was eating into the Doctor’s time as a lot of questions were routine and a patter could be identified in the recommended advise.

With the need to free up the Doctor’s time, the app idea was born where users who are patients or relatives can walk through some of the most common symptoms with the help of a questionnaire. Based on the responses, final solutions are recommended from the app itself. This saved the doctor’s time in solving and answering routine questions which was channelized towards bringing more advanced healthcare solutions to patients suffering from Cancer.

How we did it

The solution proposed was to keep the app simple with the questionnaire as the main feature and dietary advise. This helped to keep laser focus on the core objective of the app.

The app had a complex logic attached to it due to the number of permutations and combinations of symptoms and was designed keeping in mind that the average age of the target audience should be 40+ and they would be less tech-savvy.

The app is built for Android & IOS platform.

What we did
  • App Design for Android, iPhone and iPad
  • UI Integration
  • iOS & Android App Development
  • Testing & Deployment on Apple Store and Google Playstore
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