Project Description

Heybor plugs a hole in helping prospective tenants of properties with information on various criteria, which they are unlikely to know until they actually move in. Information such as issues with the property(leaking pipes anyone?), mites, quality of neighbors, etc is something that tenant will want to know, if given the opportunity. Heybor comes to help here.

Heybor is a social platform on which residents of New York can add reviews about rental locations. The reviews can be on multiple parameters associated with a property such as security, lift, parking, etc. Reviewers can add more detailed reviews along with a star rating system to such properties.

User can search using the list and map view to find information about a specific property. For adding reviews, users have option to sign up using email or Facebook.

The app is built and deployed on iOS and Android platforms with a backend built with .NET and deployed on the AWS cloud.

What we did
  • iOS App development
  • Android App development
  • Backend Admin section in .Net
  • Website development
  • Testing & deployment
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