Accelerate digital transformation and modernisation services with Inceptive’s proven application development services.

Legacy systems and technology can create bottlenecks in most businesses affecting customer delight and reducing turnaround times. These systems are not able to cope up with the increased speed of deliverance needed in the post-pandemic world and also impacts delivery timelines as adapting to business process changes are not with the same speed as expected. This can directly impact your top-line revenue as companies accelerate their growth using cutting-edge digital transformation initiatives and sunsetting legacy ways of working.

Inceptive provides Digital Transformation and Modernisation services which help build solutions which are leaner and can adapt to fluid business process changes. Over time we have realised that a successful Digital transformation initiative in any industry requires adaptation and management of user resistance to change. Involving end users early in the game, ensures a successful implementation which is cost effective and adapts to the changing business needs. 

Our work involves sitting with end users to identify pain points and bottlenecks, mapping and consolidating existing systems and digital decoupling to ensure users have the best of both worlds.

Advantages of digital transformation and modernisation initiatives for your organization development services.

  • Agility. Modernisation and transformation services open up new ways of doing business, giving you the speed needed for taking decisions faster in pace with market dynamics.
  • Budgets. Moving to a cloud native application solution helps you to consolidate your IT costs and reduce undue and hidden wastage of management of on-premise infrastructure management.
  • Scalability & security. Modernized applications can scale across your locations, ensuring data security and no-compromise backup and fallback systems.
  • User delight. End users who are used to legacy systems are resistant to change. Building solutions that are simple and make their workflow simple improves user delight, in turn helping address business needs faster.

Delivering a modern digital transformation experience

Building design-led, human centered solutions, we have been successfully able to deliver solutions that are built using:

Application Modernisation & Migration

Greenfield application development

Infrastructure management and maintenance

Infrastructure security management