IGCRD tracker & deferred duty application

Project Summary

IGCRD, short for “Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty) Rules,” pertains to a set of regulations and procedures governing the importation of goods at a reduced duty rate in India. These rules aim to provide specific benefits and exemptions to importers who utilize imported goods for manufacturing purposes.

Our client, a prominent electronics PCB manufacturing company, procures raw materials from various locations worldwide while availing themselves of the IGCRD benefits. The customs authorities have established a specific PDF format for the Bill of Entry (BOE) and IGCRD files, which contain comprehensive information about the procured components and associated duties.

Community Dashboard

Previously, the process involved manually copying and pasting data from the PDF files into Excel spreadsheets, which were maintained for tracking purposes. Due to the frequent generation of these files, the team encountered difficulties in completing reports and submitting them on time. Additionally, human errors occasionally occurred during this manual process.

To address this challenge, we conducted a thorough analysis of the PDF format and developed an algorithm capable of extracting and organizing the duty and material data from these files. The extracted data is then stored in a structured manner within a database. This data serves as the foundation for generating various custom reports required by the logistics and finance departments.

Furthermore, the work cells within the organization require access to this data to monitor their material consumption. To facilitate this, we implemented a trigger that notifies them when the quantity of a material group falls below 25%, prompting them to request a bond renewal with customs. Moreover, the approved material group part quantity is automatically updated upon uploading the contracts completed with customs.

Additionally, the logistics department requires a report to track deferred duties that need to be paid every 15 days based on the Bill of Entry and IGCRD.

Key Achievements:

  • Saved 90% of man-hours with zero human errors.
  • Automatic receipt and processing of files via email, eliminating the need for manual retrieval.
  • One application serves multiple purposes across different departments.
  • Developed a complex algorithm to accurately extract and store data from PDF files in a structured format.

Actions Taken:

  • Gathered requirements and created wireframes.
  • Designed the system architecture.
  • Developed the user interface (UI) design.
  • Utilized .NET MVC for web application development.
  • Implemented a PDF reader.
  • Generated Excel reports to fulfill reporting requirements.

Through our comprehensive solution, we have significantly streamlined the process, ensuring efficient data handling, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity for our client.