A year back, when I was gathering requirements for a project my client told that he want to develop application for iOS only. When asked why he did not want to go for Android, he simply told me that the User interface is not that great with Android.

After the initial launch of Material Design at Google I/O conference and our comprehensive fiddling with the new design principles we were able to show our customer that all the stuff that he was looking from the User Interface in Android has arrived.

Some of the things we like are the card “motifs” principles we earlier saw in Google now, new widgets, custom shadows, vector drawables and custom animations.

Material design is all about the system receiving energy from the user and the energy going into the User Interface and having reactions. Ripple effects are used throughout material design that start from the touch or click and expand out.

Many developers have already adapted Material design and they have already launched great user experience Apps on the Play store. So when you think about your next app do use material design as the world is fast adopting Android Lollipop, which is built on the principles of Material design.

And yes – we made the app in Android for my client!