After popularity of HTML5 most of us predicted that HTML5 websites & Hybrid Apps offering same functionality like Native Apps will be used more on smartphones.

But recent study of Flurry shows that their is a significant drop of 6% in Mobile website usages in the U.S.A. Last year March 2013, on an average 20% (31 minutes) of smartphone users time was spent on Mobile Website, has now dropped to 14% (20 minutes).

People are also spending longer time on their phones (average to 2h 42m per day compared to 2h 38m in March 2013).

So there is a clear increase of Mobile Apps usage seen as compared to Mobile Websites. Mobile Apps usage increased to 86% compared to 80% last year March 2013. Gaming apps maintained their leadership position at 32% of time spent. Social and messaging applications, including Facebook, increased share from 24% to 28%. Entertainment (including YouTube) and Utility applications maintained their positions at 8% each, while productivity apps saw their share double from 2% to 4% of the overall time spent.

Flurry concludes by saying – “But one thing is clear – apps have won and the mobile browser is taking a back seat. Now every company in the world including Google is adjusting to that reality.”

This data will really help every business to decide their mobility strategy.

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