Now that you have decided how to make your millions, everything is looking very bright. Now you just need to get it built and you are a millionaire!

Sadly, that is nothing but far from the truth. Data from Gartner shows that at least 90% of apps fail to get more than couple of thousand downloads and more than 90% do not use the app again.

So we don’t want to land up like that, right? Well, to tackle this challenge, let’s ask ourselves couple of questions

1: Why will anyone use my app?
2: Why should anyone use my app?
3: Why will anyone use my app?(this is not an error. we want to double-check)
4: What problems does my app solve?(yeah same questions asked in a diff way)

Now finding the answer from yourself will be biased as you are biased(admit it).

Get up, walk around ask your app’s intended target audience on what they think. This can be your family, friends, etc. Don’t worry about the idea getting leaked. If it was worth to be copied, it would had been made already.

Check on the App Store or Google Play if there is any competition. If there is, check what is your app going to do different?

After doing this you find that you still have a niche, you need to work on your business model and then working on a MVP..but well that’s a blog article for another day.

Remember – the app has no value if it’s not get to be used.