Now that you have decided to build your mobile app, you have 3 choices.

  1. Build it yourself
  2. Hire a developer on your payroll and get it done
  3. Hire a technology partner to build the app for you

Let’s explore all the 3 options to see what makes sense.

1: Build it yourself – if you are the gifted few who has an app idea and also knows IOS & Android development – go for it. There is no better satisfaction than building your own app with your own hands and seeing the fruits of labor. You are in control and you can quickly adjust features as and when you wish.

2: Hire a developer on your payroll – Most apps are built in an avg time span of 4-6 weeks for one platform. Any developer you hire is going to look for a long term commitment to work for you. So this option is not only going to cost you a lot, you are also not going to find anyone willing to join you – unless you take someone as a co-founder who can code. If you get someone like me that – go for it. It’s almost as if you are going to build it yourself!

3: Hire a technology partner – For most of the folks who can code and won’t find a developer on your own payroll, going with a technology partner is the most logical decision for your business. But easier said than done. You have the freelancers on Elance/Odesk and a glut of companies on Google pages when you do a simple search for mobile application development. How do you decide who is not going to rip you off and that you have a working app after a month.

Although not limited to below, these points will help you take a rationale decision in your hiring process without too much of risk and heartburn later.

  • Decide what platform you want to target and set a budget.
  • Discuss with possible development partners on your idea and see what type of feedback you receive and whether they are able to bring in an intelligent conversation
  • Identify the scope of services you will require. Will the development partner take it as a turnkey project or they require app design to be supplied?
  • Check previous work. This is a standing testimony of the work done.
    Ask for references.
  • Most importantly see their passion for your app.