Ayefro Inc- Event Planner


Ayefro is an events based app created to cater to the country of Ghana. The opportunity was spotted by our client when he realized that it was become very difficult for him to arrange an event with multiple vendors. Using this problem statement the app was conceptualized. The core solution was based on users adding their events and vendors bidding on the event details.

User can add details about he events and a set budget around that part of the event. Vendor can see that information and bid for it. User can also go through vendor list, see past projects and reviews about vendors. Once a vendor is shortlisted, he is awarded a specific part of the event for which he had bid. Vendor has choice to bid for all aspects of the event.

The app was made from the grounds up by having multiple iterations of the wireframe keeping in mind the unique mobility ecosystem of the target country. The app is built natively using Swift 3 for iOS and Java for Android. Material Design concepts have been firmly used for Android.

What we did

  • Wireframes and architecture
  • Backend system in .NET
  • Native app development using Swift 3 and Java