Enterprise Mobility App


The customer is a leading American industrial equipment supplier with branches across the world. The company had a solution across their locations all over India where raw material had to be weighed on a industrial grade weighing scale which was connected to standalone Windows systems. Data from these system were fed in a server at a data center for Head Office consumption. The system was prone to breakages and tied to computers which made it a hindrance for movement. The India management had taken a call to also reduce licensing costs for Windows server and its associated maintenance by bringing in an enterprise mobility solution which would involve connecting the weighing scales to an Android tablet at each location. This solution allowed the table to connect to the weighing scale, get accurate weights data and push the data to their central server via REST API’s.


The resulting cost saving for the company was..

1: Windows OS (USD 165 / INR 11000)
2: Hardware (USD 452 / INR 30000)
3: Maintenance and overheads – Annual(USD 301 / INR 20000)

For one single system, the cost for a 3 year time frame(from an accounting perspective) was coming to approximately USD 1520 / INR 110, 000. Multiply this by approximately 32 locations. Total operational expenditure was coming to approximately USD 48 640 / INR 3, 520, 000. The enterprise solution 3 years cost will not be more than 20% of this cost!

What we did
  • Executive kickoff to understand project sponsors expectations
  • Interviews with actual handlers of the system to understand their requirement
  • Working with tablet and OEM supplier of weights system for connectivity
  • Creating architecture for the entire system
  • Native Android app development
  • Deployment and testing on-site
  • Security lockdown of tablets
  • Plug-n-play package for in-house IT team to do further deployment
  • Internal staff training, documentation and handover