Contactless Ordering System

Project Summary

A major Japanese hotel chain in the USA contacted us during the Covid-19 pandemic to help them build a greenfield contactless ordering system for their chain of restaurant. The goal was to avoid any touch points between the restaurant staff and the guests right from ordering to final bill payment.

Since we were shared a very idea of the vision, we drafted a scope of work, envisioning the entire flow as it will be needed for ordering food from an app. The challenges were in integrating their menu options, which had multiple combinations to them. Also some menu items were of limited quantity, for which the system ensured to keep a real time inventory count of orders.

The app was built on the React Native framework using PHP for the backend restaurant management system. Major features on the app side

  • Scan QR code and retrieve menu
  • Order from menu
  • Multiple orders during a single sitting(we don’t order all the items in one go!)
  • Split bill between multiple guests
  • Payment integration using Stripe, Google Pay and Apple Pay

For the backend ordering system, we had two systems based on user login. The first system allowed the Admin to add restaurants, menus and operators. Using the operator login, the operations staff can add restaurant tables, generate QR code for each table, add menus, manage inventories, check new orders, completed orders and pending orders. They can also see payment status against each table.

What we did

  • Entire project scoping
  • Wireframes
  • Hybrid app built on the React Native Platform
  • Backend using PHP
  • Integration of Firebase for Crashlytics and mobile login
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay integration
  • Stripe payment gateway integration