Barrier Buster


Barrier Buster is a productivity app with a twist to help improve user’s own productivity. The USP of the app is to build goals and track them on a daily basis. Push notifications are used daily to prod the user to ensure that he follows through on his goals.

The app is divided in to 4 main functionalities – Objective, Habits, Notes & Focus. All functionalities are inter-related.
At first-launch, a set of questionnaires help benchmark quality of life. Once the areas of improvement are identified, goals are set around the top 3. These goals are tracked daily to improve their performance.

What we did

  • The app is built natively in Swift 3 and Java for iOS and Android.
  • Facebook SDK is integrated for login.
  • Custom .NET built backend using C# and SQL Server.
  • App we built in an incremental basis using Scrum. Since the app was complex in nature, a bi-monthly delivery was planned for demo with client. We hit both the app markets simultaneously with 0 app crashes, in-the-wild.