Business Application – Telecom Sector

Project Summary

Business App is a free app that provides a central place where you can market your business using social media and messaging, interact with other businesses and get quick access to one of the well known African telecom service providers services and for quick support. The app is specifically designed to foster online awareness and marketing of its goods and services through social media and messaging.

Business app contains three main functionalities

  • Social Dashboard
  • Chat
  • Group chat

Apart from this functionality, the existing app consisted of a Business Directory and Business App Customer service. Our scope was to develop and integrate the social module into the existing app.

Users can log in to Facebook and Instagram through the app and can post images and videos on Facebook and Instagram through the Business App. Also, users can view the first five posts on the Business App dashboard.

Users can view the graph for the ratio of Facebook and Instagram posts.

Using the app, users can also make connections to other business holders by sending connection requests. Other user can either accept or reject it after checking the profile. The other functionality consists of chatting and group chat along with the notifications.

What we did

  • Hybrid app development using React Native for Android.
  • Facebook SDK integration
  • Instagram SDK integration