Clean Toilet Finder


Clean Toilet Finder India is built to help find the nearest toilet to your location, in India.

The app takes existing public toilet data from Google and its own internal toilet database to quickly give you access to this information at a tap of the button.

Users can rate the toilet and add their comments so that other users of the app are well informed before using a toilet.

Using geo-location the app helps you locate toilets on a map, enabling you to set directions in maps to the nearest toilet in your vicinity.

Users can also add new toilets making it a community driven initiative. While adding a new location, the app checks for any duplicates and prompts user if a nearby toilet is found helping user figure out if he is adding a duplicate location.

The app is built entirely on the Firebase eco-system, using React Native. The front end used was React Native Paper to give the app consistent looks across the iOS and Android platform.

Using Firebase, we integrated quickly social logins and login using mobile for user authentication. Multiple Google Maps endpoints were used for finding location, distance between two points and for retrieving existing data from Google.

What we did

  • Wireframes and architecture
  • Backend system using Firebase
  • Hybrid app development using React Native
  • Google Map API integration
  • Front end using React Native Paper