Katana Home Valuations


Katana Group is a privately-owned property investment and development company with a portfolio focusing on Northwest England. The group identifies properties with the potential to be developed into high-quality products bringing value to all stakeholders involves.

The group needed a system for their valuation team to consistently get the correct valuations in a central system. The earlier system was paper based and the need to go digital was necessitated to increase speed of processing and reducing manual work on calculations and filing.

The system that is been currently under development gets data from a web feed which then applies business calculations propriety to the Katana Group which come up with a value for the home. This data is then used by the group to take financial go/no-go decisions.

An app built in Ionic and connecting to the backend helps realtors to visit new properties and feed in the information related to the properties in the system, allowing them to get property valuations done on the fly.

The system is built on the .NET stack using ASP.NET, SQL Server & MVC4 architecture. The mobile app is developed using Ionic 2 and Angular 3.