Request For Quotation (RFQ) Tool

Project Summary

A well known manufacturing company was handing their RFQ process mostly via excel and communicating was happening via email. As this is a critical function of providing quotations on time to the customers and prospects, it was important for them for all stakeholders to complete their part of the proposal in time.

We have developed a Web Based RFQ tool to provide an easy, error free way to manage the RFQ process starting from initiation to Proposal submission. RFQ process involves many stakeholders whose inputs are required in different stages of the process. All stakeholders are kept updated about the progress of the RFQ and alerts are sent to those who do not complete their task on time. Multiple stakeholders data uploaded in excel format is consolidated and the final input file for the costing department is submitted to complete the proposal which will be reviewed by multiple senior stakeholders before submitting to Sales for sending to customers.

Communication mechanism is implemented to raise queries internally and externally to get the timely inputs in order to complete the RFQ on time. A Complex Bill of Materials sheet is developed inside the application so that the engineering team puts the product parts information easily in the system.

The system is built on the .NET stack using ASP.NET, SQL Server & MVC architecture.

What we did

  • Requirement understanding and wireframing
  • Architecture design
  • Web App development using .NET MVC
  • Complex Engineering business logic implementation