Room 8 (IOT)


Room 8 is a smart hardware device which leverages on the Internet of Things(IoT) concept and simplifies how patients can reach out for help. The hardware device is a button, which upon pressed connects to the cloud and “pings” specific devices such as a phone, tablet or wearable(upcoming). The ping displays the name of the specific device which is asking for help, alerting care givers to respond.
We worked on building the software solution part of the project by building a backend to manage devices and the apps to get notifications. The apps has been built for both iOS and Android platforms.

The app was challenging to build from a User Experience perspective as it requires a simple UX to connect to on-premise wifi for the hardware to connect to the Internet and then for the connectivity with the account, including providing custom names for each button to identify the button uniquely.

Rules can be set in each device for specific devices to receive notifications. Notifications can be customized to create a silent, flashing, audible or vibrating alert.

Other useful features available in the app include: a sharing function, which allows a user to share button(s) with colleagues or other caregivers without having to purchase additional buttons and a treatment timer to keep track of multiple patient treatments at a time.

The solution has received great response and has been featured on Home Tech Scoop among other publications.