Tactilingo is a web app that allows world language teachers to make and assign online games that supplement and reinforce their vocabulary and grammar lessons.

The app has multi-sensory matching, categorizing and sentence-building games that turn the abstract into concrete and make language learning more meaningful and contextual. Tactilingo can be used with most languages, levels or ages and works with any teaching style. Using the app, language teachers can add their own word translations including images and audio translations helping students learn each word in the correct context, using visual and audio cues. All the study material can be categorised in groups, making it easy to deliver the content to multiple batches.

Teachers can then set up question sets, which can include matching the column, fill in the blanks, audio and visual cues. Questions are automatically checked for correctness, giving students feedback in real time.

When the Founder of Tactilingo spoke to us about the vision, we realised it was a one-of-a-kind project which we had to do. The scope was enormous, so we started initially in spending considerable time in scoping the app out and wireframing, bringing to life an idea in a structure.

What we did

  • Project Scoping and Features roadmap
  • Wireframing
  • Built the system from scratch using the PHP Laravel framework and a backend using MYSQL
  • Performance optimization
  • Payment gateway integration using Stripe