Virtual Event Room


Virtual Event Room(VER) is a solution for recruiters and candidates to meet online and apply for job positions. Using this solution, recruiter can converse in virtual rooms with candidates, see their profile and chat with them. Recruiter can view jobs, apply for jobs and chat with recruiter directly about the job, eliminating the need for long communications.

Companies can register for subscription options which allow them to search resumes and post events(jobs). They can assign and manage their recruiters from their login.

We built the app from the grounds up. Since the app started from a discovery phase, Scrum was used to do small sprints in which client feedback could be taken early on during the development process. Wireframes were created to ensure that before we hit development we had signoffs on application flow.

The web app is built on ASP.NET using MVC4 and SQL Server hosted on a EC2 server