PropSafe iOS App


Imagine that you have some investments made in India in property and you stay outside of the country or even in another state. You want to ensure that your property is well-taken care off, but don’t want to spend the time and money for regular visits for its upkeep.

The authors of this app, have tried to solve this problem by building PropSafe – India’s first concierge service for home owners who want to let out their properties for rent or require professional services for its upkeep. The concierge service is executed out of the PropSafe app which helps property owners to track rental income, service requests, property images and any communication with the property management concierge service.

The app is built on simplicity. It allows you to add multiple properties so that you can track separately all information and communication related to each property, separately.

We built the app using Ionic for the iOS platform. SMS integration for verification has been specially integrated to meet the security demands of the app.

What we did

  • iOS App development using Ionic Framework
  • Testing & deployment