Build a Minimum Viable Product

The biggest mistake you can make is to build a complete app and then release it to beta users for testing. Or even worse – directly launch in the App Store or Google Play. We have seen countless apps that suffer this folly and the outcome is an app that nobody wants to use or […]

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What’s your business model?

Unless you are doing charity, you are planning to earn out of your app or indirectly benefit from its usage. Before you even start with the development, you have to be sure what is the app’s business model going to be. That will be the base for a lot of your planning as you move […]

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So you have an app idea!

Now that you have decided how to make your millions, everything is looking very bright. Now you just need to get it built and you are a millionaire! Sadly, that is nothing but far from the truth. Data from Gartner shows that at least 90% of apps fail to get more than couple of thousand […]

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